• BOO!!! art!
  • @hedonicghost
  • oliver hyperion
  • queer
  • it/xe +
  • 22 yo
  • utc-5
  • usa
  • about the artist

    hello, our name is hyperion (unless you're an employer or our family, in which case it's oliver) and we're a primarily digital artist! we also do traditional art, but we tend to not post those online. we are a multifandom artist as well as an original character artist.

    we are currently developing a webcomic called "the search for utezhelyn" along with that, we have a few other stories in varying degrees of development.

    we are a did system (hence the "we/us" in place of "i/me")! you are more than free to ask about it.

    our commissions are currently closed, but if you are okay with long wait times, feel free to message us!

    you may not:
  • Use our art for any reason
  • Repost our art anywhere
  • Trace our art/use it in ai/portray it as your own